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KMG Capital Markets is a fully licensed AIFM management company enabling entrepreneurs to establish their own funds and investment managers to convert their fund structures into fully compliant AIFMD and funds.

We offer outsourced turnkey solutions to meet your requirements.

Investment Managers

By appointing KMG Capital Markets as your external authorised AIFM, your investment vehicles become AIFMD compliant and can be marketed into the EU under our EU distribution passport. We become responsible for the overall regulatory requirements of your investment vehicles, leaving you to focus on the portfolio management of your fund.

We will work with you:
- To ensure your operating procedures, fund documents are fully compliant  
- To offer you customised services that provide the level of assistance in portfolio management or risk management that you require, ensuring your structures are compliant with the latest EU regulations  
- To qualify your funds for the all-important EU distribution passport
- To save time, money, improve efficiency and be compliant with all regulations
We will transform your regulatory burden into a competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurs Setting Up your own Funds

Having a fund need not be a complex endeavour. We have all the tools required, whether it be a stand-alone fund, a segregated sub-fund on one of our existing ‘white-label’ fund structures, or even an exclusive fund platform. 

Whatever the fund set-up may be, KMG Capital Markets can offer 20 years of experience in fund structuring in Europe and Offshore.  Our dedicated team of qualified financial professionals have hands-on experience in a wide range of fund types and investment strategies from which to benefit. 

In addition to our own experience and knowledge, we have partnered with prime depositories, central administrators and leading auditors that bring their own expertise. Together, our network of professionals can provide an efficient working structure and guarantee the smooth launch and running of even the most complex fund projects. 

KMG Capital Markets can offer services in:

  • Migrating Non-EU fund to an EU domicile.
  • Opting-in under-threshold funds to AIFMD.
  • Establishing a new fund.
  • Setting up an EU-based fund that mirrors an offshore fund.
  • Establishing EU segregated sub-fund on the KMG platform in Luxembourg, Cyprus or Malta.



Our Services

We offer a wide range of services within our organization.


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Create Your Own Fund

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SICAV-SIF Platform

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  • "We have been exceedingly pleased with the level of professional support that KMG have always provided to the Fund both in establishing the Fund originally and the level of service they have provided since"

    Chris Westerman


Kevin Mudd has worked within the financial services industry internationally since 1982 and has over 30 years’ experience in fund management, portfolio management, managing clients’ assets, product design, marketing and distribution.

Kevin A. Mudd


Mark Martindale holds a BSc Honours Mathematics degree from the University of Hertfordshire and Actuarial Mathematics

Mark Martindale


Socratis E. Socratous was educated in The London School of Economics and Political Science achieving a BSc (Hons) in Economics in 1988.

Socratis E. Socratous


Andreas Aloneftis has over the last 35 years been at the forefront of the development of the financial services industry in Cyprus,

Andreas Aloneftis


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